Thursday, November 15, 2012

Solitaire, Schmolitaire!

Conventional rules have gone the way of the Dodo. Red wine with your fish…why not?  Pairing navy with black…an old no-no that is now so yes-yes!

Same goes for engagement rings. Who says the ring has to be the classic solitaire rock + setting? What if that just isn’t your style? Or, doesn’t fit your lifestyle/work? Consider instead an Engagement Eternity Band.

Years ago, I made one for none other than Jemma Kidd, beauty & make-up icon and contributor for November’s Vogue Magazine. When designing for Jemma, her lovely then-fiancé-to-be Arthur stressed how important it was for the ring to be wearable considering his beloved worked elbow deep in blushes, brushes and lipsticks every day. 
The solution was a striking oval-shaped diamond eternity band. And if you think this sparkling piece was any less effective than a more traditional solitaire, consider yourself SORELY MISTAKEN.
“Important” or in layman’s terms, “va-va-voom” eternity bands are a wonderful way to set a striking engagement tone if a more bauble-type ring just won’t do for your job or lifestyle preferences.
And while you’re at it, why not skip conventional round diamonds (not that there’s anything wrong with them!) and opt for fancy shapes? 
Two words: YES, PLEASE.

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