Friday, September 21, 2012

A Picasso in a Plastic Frame

An engagement setting is more than just a vessel for your diamond. It is the perfect tie on a suit. The perfect wine with dinner. And likewise, your setting should be the perfect complement to your stone.

But what to spend? Obviously, The Rock is the main event. And let’s face it…after choking up the big bucks on the diamond itself it’s hard to conceive of spending more on accouterments.

Alas, diamonds don’t just magically float on fingers so onward and upward to choosing a setting.
As a general rule, I say: Spend 80% of your budget on your diamond and make sure you’ve left 20% for a setting. It’s all about balance. Would you take your priceless Picasso down to the corner store for a $15 plastic frame? Methinks, not. Think of your diamond in the same way and you’ll end up with a setting that befits the stone.

From Bold & Full of Bling to Delicate & Demure your engagement setting should be an exquisite accessory; reflecting the bride’s style and acting as the flawless backdrop for the precious diamond it is holding. 

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