Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nouvelle Époque

It never fails to be true: What’s Old is New Again!
Designed to mix old pieces with new silhouettes, please welcome NOUVELLE ÉPOQUE.

Inspiration struck when I decided to revamp antique jewelry into bold modern pieces to suit today’s fashion penchant toward chunkier, bolder jewelry lines. Above is my original ring; made from my own grandmother’s engagement ring plus panels from her antique watch! The goal was to breathe new life into my estate jewelry pieces which were so beautifully crafted but too delicate for my contemporary tastes. plus... or...
My favourite angle on these pieces is that they remain in line with my goal to create unique jewelry for my clients. Though the modern silhouettes I use to make these rings, bracelets and pendants can be repeated  or modified (more photos of them coming in future posts!) each antique insert is one-of-a-kind. I love nothing more than to call on my estate jewelry vendors to see their latest stock and to create something special for a client using a Victorian era watch or a pair of Edwardian earrings.

The result is literally a “nouvelle époque” or “new era” for these special period jewels.

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