Monday, October 22, 2012

Colour Me Beautiful (Part Un)

The first engagement ring I ever made was a round brilliant cut diamond with round sapphires on either side of the centre stone. I had known the bride (as well as the groom) for many years and when asked to design for them words like classic, timeless and elegant sprang to mind with regard to the bride’s appearance. Adding a royal blue hue to her engagement ring seemed a natural fit.

Years later, putting coloured gem stones into bridal jewelry is both fresh (thanks, Kate & Will!) as well as nice departure from traditional all-white diamond rings.

Deep blue Sapphires add drama to an engagement ring. When accompanied by lovely diamond “friends” as I like to call them, the resulting sparkle effect is undeniable.
Rubies add a splash of fire to a wedding band. Just imagine this little number next to the white diamond engagement ring it keeps as company!

And did you know sapphires come in pink, yellow, green or even purple? Colour Me Beautiful (Part Deux) coming soon...

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