Tuesday, October 9, 2012

He Picks The Bling/She Picks The Ring

It’s a daunting task for a man to buy an engagement ring.
Weighty on the wallet and scarier still when it comes to choosing a design that best fits his fiancée’s personal style.

While I’ve heard many a complaint about not-so-subtle photographic hints left in wallets by hopeful girlfriends, most men I know would gladly take a little creative input from their ladies.

But, much like asking for driving directions, would he ever just ask her for some ring designing help? Nooooo….

Understandably, in doing so men fear they’ll lose the opportunity to shield themselves from both letting her know how much he’s spending and surprising her for the proposal.

The perfect solution: He picks the bling/She picks the ring!

Step 1: Gent buys centre stone and puts the rock in a temporary setting. Money spent issue solved, as this is by far the most expensive part of the engagement ring purchase. See A Picasso in a Plastic Frame.
From this Cushion Cut Solitaire...
Step 2: The happily protected groom-to-be then delights his lady with a proposal; ring in hand. Element of surprise issue solved.

Step 3: Gent scores extra points for being über-romantic as they work together as an engaged couple to design the perfect bespoke setting!
To this Cushion Cut Micro-Pavé Halo

You’re welcome.

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