Thursday, November 8, 2012

Diamonds In The Dark

Ok, so I finally found one place that diamonds don’t shine. In a blackout. No, really. Just try to think of a time or space where diamonds don’t look great. Under running water while doing dishes? Check. Glistening in the sun as fingers grip a bike handle? Yep. Though for years I’ve warned my clients relentlessly about taking care of their rocks thus sparing them the harsh realities of both work & play, no one can seem to tear them off as they always look so darned good. Until Sandy.

Last week’s SuperStorm brought many of us back to basics. By comparison with the surrounding areas I was spared, so in looking back it really just gave us no power/no water/no cell service lower New Yorker dwellers a jolt (or lack thereof) of reality.

Suddenly, my job seemed a little less important. No one was getting engaged- though I suspect a few Push-Present requests will be coming my way 9 months from now.  Suddenly, all there was to do was to wonder how making diamond rings is actually a JOB.

Someone asked me once if working with diamonds all day made me immune to them. 

And a long time ago, my Mum warned me of making my passion into my profession. No worries there.

Years later all I can tell you is that the luster hasn’t worn off and no matter how many times I lay eyes on one, seeing a beautiful diamond can still get me a little dreamy.

That’s the effect, you know. You hear that, gentlemen?

The lights are back on and so I suppose the time for musings is over. New York City is almost revving at its classic frenetic pace and I’m ready to get the diamonds sparkling again for my clients.
"Vehement silhouettes of Manhattan - that vertical city with unimaginable diamonds.”
 – Le Corbusier

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